Meet Our Team

You Can Vote began as an ALL VOLUNTEER program. We are fortunate to have recruited talented staff to effectively support and mobilize our volunteers -- over 1500 and growing! 


Kate Fellman

Founder, Director  

Why I started at You Can Vote: I have worked with voters and the community in every election cycle in North Carolina since 2008, and have seen first-hand the mass confusion around what’s on the ballot and how, when, and where to vote. There was little focus on easily accessible, simple voting information to help encourage and support voting among infrequent voters and those that are disengaged and frustrated by partisan politics. When the NC legislature changed our election law in 2013, voters became even more confused and frustrated. We created and launched You Can Vote in 2014 as a permanent educational campaign to mobilize volunteers and build community leadership that helps voters navigate the rules and cast their vote regardless of the current laws. North Carolina voters deserve easy and equitable ballot access and support in making their voice heard.

More about me: Raised in Minnesota, I began my organizing career on Senator Paul Wellstone’s final campaign. He instilled in me the values of grassroots organizing that is centered on lifting up the voices of community members by empowering people to lead and become key decision-makers in their community.

Ask me about:  Evidenced-based communications, parenting a child with limb loss, ending childhood bullying, yoga, my family (including our numerous pets!). 



Caitlin Metzguer

Special Projects Coordinator

Why I started at You Can Vote: I love to be involved with voters through the steps of registering to vote, turning out to vote, and making connections to how elections influence daily life. I like how You Can Vote programming sticks to successfully getting voters involved in our systems, and I love being able to be part of the outreach to new voters.

More about me: I am originally from Hillsborough, NC, and graduated from UNC Greensboro. I spent four years after college in New Orleans doing rehousing and homelessness prevention, before returning home to NC to help implement the Affordable Care Act. I love reading, and I’m always looking for the latest Durham coffee shop.

Ask me about: how NC is the perfect model for the fight for voting rights, cold brew coffee


Zion Lemelle

Mecklenburg County Organizing Director

Why I started at You Can Vote: I joined You Can Vote because it offers volunteers top notch training while preparing individuals to be the difference within their own communities.

More about me: I'm originally from South Carolina but grew up right here in the beautiful Queen city. I started my humble beginnings doing non-partisan voter registration and became more involved in candidate work. I have managed several campaign offices across state lines. I also serve as a child and family advocate within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools. I love working with YCV because it appeals to the community as a whole. We are stronger together.

Ask me about: Mental health, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), canvassing, family building, community resources


Lindsey Holmes 

Wake County and Latinx Organizing Director

Why I started at You Can Vote: North Carolina has a long history of voting disenfranchisement and I want to see that become a thing of our past. I want to empower voters to make educated decisions when they step into their polling place. For me, this work is most rewarding when working with people who felt “left out” in past elections and seeing their face light up when they register for the first time.

More about me: I am a rare NC native that has seen the quick “boom” of the Triangle area. I grew up in Apex and went to NCSU for both of my BAs and my MA. I first fell in love with organizing working under Anne Filipic at Enroll America, where I helped implement the ACA in Mecklenburg and Wake counties. When I am not wearing my political activism hat- you can find me at a local brewery, playing kickball, or hanging out with my dog, Duncan.

Ask me about:  Latinx outreach, volunteerism, traveling (especially within Europe), and Spanish language poetry- specifically, Pablo Neruda.



Leila D. Lewis

Guilford County Organizing Director

Why I started at You Can Vote: You Can Vote’s mission is an extension of my personal mission, to make sure folks have all the information they need to make educated decisions for themselves and their families. Additionally, I love working with volunteers who are passionate about working in their communities to make a difference.

More about me: As a self-proclaimed community wholeness advocate I can be found in the community operating as a doula, breastfeeding counselor, childbirth advocate, arts education advocate and dance theatre artist.

Ask me about: Local arts opportunities, anything birth related, creatively tasty meals for picky spouses/toddlers


Mina Ezkipe

Campus and Youth Organizer

Why I started at You Can Vote: I believe in You Can Vote’s work in meeting disengaged and unlikely voters where they’re at, providing accurate and non-partisan information to allow people to make their own informed decisions, and building political power for North Carolinians' by expanding and strengthening our electorate in the long-term.

More about me: I am a child of the Nigerian diaspora, raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA and currently based in Durham, NC. I am trouble-making freedom fighter, passionate about building political power for young people and particularly young people of color.

Ask me about: Astrology, black queer feminism


Bob Stewart

Eastern NC Organizer

Why I started at You Can Vote: After retirement I was looking for something more meaningful to do with my time than playing pickleball. When I learned about YCV, I immediately recognized that it was a perfect match and an extension of my personal and political values. Working with volunteers and people around the issue of registering, voter education and participation is fundamental to our democracy. With US voter participation the lowest of any other western industrialized country, every day we at YCV are helping to strengthen our democracy.  

More about me: I was born and raised in Indiana. I received a BS in US History from Ball State University and a Master’s in Social Work from Indiana University. I retired after 39 years with organized labor – 7 years with AFSCME and 32 years with UFCW.

Ask me about: I enjoy pickleball and going kayaking, to farmers markets and art galleries with my wife Sharon. I also enjoy spending time with my two children, their spouses and my two lovely granddaughters. I love US History and you can ask me about the “Compromise of 1877” and its impact on current events today.


Patricia Reed 

Deputy Organizer, Durham

Why I started at You Can Vote:  After working on a campaign in 2008,  I knew that I would love working with You Can Vote after I attended one of their first trainings in 2014. I have been part of the team since that day. I like making sure that everyone I talk to is a registered voter.   

More about me: I am retired for one year now. I am the mother of three children and the grandmother of 16 and have 12 great grandchildren. I make sure that my grandchildren and great grandchildren know that voting is very important.

Ask me about: How you can get registered to vote, helping to raise my grandson.


L.A. Davis-Durante 

Deputy Organizer, Guilford County

Why I started at You Can Vote: I believe YCV’s mission to build collective power in communities and letting folks know how they can use their vote as their voice. 

More about me: I’m a student, finishing up my BA in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. I have a passion for helping and fighting for others, specifically those in marginalized and oppressed communities. I personally can never sit still or stop moving my hands. So when I’m not doing this work, I’m either playing music, exercising, or painting.

Ask me about: Black liberation, jazz, 90's music, superhero comic books, crafting, painting


In addition to our staff, we have and an organizing consultant, Liza Hazirjian, and volunteer leadership team members who give of their time, talent, and energy to make You Can Vote an effective, efficient and beneficial program for our community. 


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