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    Durham Volunteer Training and Fall Kick Off


    Join us to get a refresher about what's on the ballot in 2018, how to talk to voters about the proposed constitutional amendments, and how to help any eligible voter make their vote count. We use evidenced-based messaging, easy to read and understand election hand-outs and best practices for voter engagement. Come learn how we work with the electorate so we can get voters to the polls in 2018!

    You will learn: 
    - Up-to-date voting laws
    - 2018 Election Schedule and what is on the ballot
    - How to successfully educate and motivate voters to cast their ballot
    - Voter Registration best practices
    - How YOU can help citizens vote

    August 29, 2018 at 6:30pm
    Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
    4907 Garrett Rd
    Durham, NC 27707
    United States
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    AT CITY BBQ with Karen Holliman on a Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship-Youcanvote weekend dedicated to sharing Early Voting facts. Karen registered FIVE people (one who was in the parking lot and continued into the pet store) while I looked up two English as a Second Language Voters on youcanvote.org/voterlookup, who were worried about the status being annulled. In 5 seconds I could say, “Look, there you are ACTIVE status,” there were tears in our eyes! ALSO about a dozen-15 people sitting around visiting gladly discussed and asked questions about their friends and family, people who had moved, and can people still register on Nov. 8 (no). A number of people shared that they were carrying YOUCANVOTE materials to their churches that day to post onto their WEBSITES and to have ANNOUNCEMENTS made in the services and group meetings. I gladly share how Eno River UU Fellowship has been talking about voters rights in the services, in coffee hour and hosting partnerships with friends and other churches. There was a FRIENDLY feeling of SOLIDARITY and FOCUS without any rancor, fear-mongering or negativity! CITY BBQ, Hwy 54 at Fayetteville Rd, Friendly management, good food, good people!

    Share a positive "YCV" story!

    13585150_635335249976615_5827847536966952365_o.jpgVolunteers are working together and in the community. Our best stories come from the our volunteers and organizers... 

    Stories of citizens who thought they could never vote becoming registered voters.

    Stories of people who thought they would be unable to vote because of lack of ID.

    Stories of people being truly grateful for our information.

    Stories of volunteers making new friends or encountering friends they haven't seen in years! 

    Stories of humor & joy from all the different people we encounter. 

    Stories of patience, kindness, and acceptance.  

    Please take a minute to tell us a story!



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    We believe that democracy works best when everyone participates! 

    We need your help expanding the vote in NC! We train and mobilize volunteers to effectively share information about upcoming elections, help voters to register and understand their rights, and remind voters when and where to cast their ballot.


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