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An infographic with words and graphs about You Can Vote's accomplishments. It reads:  Educate. Register. Empower.  We train and mobilize volunteers across North Carolina.  We educate voters using quality conversations and simple materials.  We empower our community members to become voters.  Under a header titled "5 years of results" are three important numbers: 2,500 volunteers trained, 30,000 voters registered, and 400,000 one on one conversations.  Next, a graph titled "2018 Voter Turnout Demographics" shows a scatterplot of the percentage voter turnout for North Carolina as a whole and for people You Can Vote interacted with. In 2014, the You Can Vote percent is slightly above the state standard, both at about 45%. In 2016, a presidential year, the statewide turnout was 65% but the YCV turnout grew to 80%! In 2018, the turnout falls to 53%, but You Can Vote's improvement over the statewide turnout holds close to steady at 65%.  Three pie charts show the demographics of voters touched by You Can Vote. 50% of You Can Vote registrants were under 25. 40% identified as people of color. 50% lived in low-wealth zip codes.  A bar chart breaks down the improved turnout numbers by group, and most groups appear to have about 20 percentage points better turnout with You Can Vote than without. The groups shown include new registrants aged 18-25, African American new registrants, Asian American new registrants, Caucasian new registrants, Hispanic new registrants, and Native American new registrants.  A final header reads "There's Work to do" over three messages  1) 7.5 million eligible voters in North Carolina  2) 1 million unregistered potential voters  3) Voter ID: New rules for voting in 2020  Our website is at youcanvote.org and social accounts are @youcanvotenc

2018 — Strength in Numbers

1979 - number of volunteers trained

174 - number of captains trained to lead registration and phonebank events

150,000 - number of voters educated via 1:1 conversations across the state

8,381 - number of voters registered. 48.15% identified as people of color; over 40% were young people under 25

10,000 - number of mailers sent to recent registrants

23,847 - number of calls made to new registrants targeted for voter suppression to get out the vote

10,950 - number of voice messages left for voters with election information

4,207 - phone conversations with voters to help them make their plan to vote

We held an astonishing 1500 voter registration and education events. Our small staff of 5 full-time and 4 part-time organizers oversaw 1,979 volunteers working across 12 counties.

In 2018, we launched new YCV teams in 6 new counties—including five Eastern NC counties—and built up our newer teams in Guilford, Alamance and Mecklenburg.

With this large-scale expansion, we now serve over 3.3 million voters—we are able to make real change in NC!

Our work helped fuel historic turnout! Nearly 52 percent of North Carolina voters cast a ballot in this election—up from only 44% in 2014.

In 2014, YCV trained 200 volunteers, registered 2,114 voters and educated nearly 40,000 voters. Look how much we have grown since the last midterm!

We are working hard to build on our rapid expansion and outstanding results from 2018!

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