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Our volunteers make meaningful connections with the community and each other.

Our best stories come from you...

  • Stories of citizens who thought they could never vote becoming registered voters.

  • Stories of people who thought they would be unable to vote because of lack of ID.

  • Stories of people being truly grateful for our information.

  • Stories of volunteers making new friends or encountering friends they haven't seen in years!

Shared Stories

Three pictures show You Can Vote volunteers, wearing the typical orange shirts, out on the job. One enthusiastically points to a Ben & Jerry’s sign. Another is registering a black man at a school. A third shows two volunteers laughing while they share an umbrella on a slightly rainy day.

Jennifer Osborne told us

made calls from home on Saturday morning, 11/5. One lady said she was so glad I had called. She didn’t realize it was the last day of Early Voting, and she said she would leave to go vote right that minute!

Karen Blase told us

Recently I was passing out voting information and a man sadly shook his head and said, “I can never vote, I’ve got a felony.” I asked if this was recent and was he on probation. He said, “No, I paid my debt long ago.” When I told him he could vote he replied with a huge smile and said, “Then let’s get me registered.”

Susan Schaffer told us

At an event in Heritage Square, I had the good fortune of encountering a young Hispanic man, who was very enthusiastic about registering to vote. After assisting him in filling out his registration I learned that just the prior day he had been sworn in as a US Citizen and was overexcited to participate in our electoral system. I was honored!

Ann Rebeck told us

I met a woman before she went into her church service. She asked if it was true that after probation someone could register to vote. I told her that was true and asked her if she knew someone like that. She said “Yes, me.” We filled out her form together.

Kate Fellman told us

Today a voter I approached said “I know I can’t vote – I heard on the news that I can’t vote because I don’t have a North Carolina ID.” She was thrilled when I told her we could register her and fill out an absentee ballot request right away to vote without photo ID from the convenience of her own home. In five minutes she was ready to go and will be a NC voter!