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Your charitable contribution to People's Alliance Fund 501(c)3 is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.
Contributions are tax deductible.

Washington State Fundraiser

$6,236.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00

Our goal: raise $10,000 for You Can Vote! 

North Carolina’s democracy is in peril. There is an urgent need for broad and sustaining work to increase voter education, engagement, participation and access to the ballot using a variety of tactics and strategies. You Can Vote uses proven methods of grassroots community organizing, volunteer leadership development and voter education, registration and turnout to expand civic engagement on all levels (community leaders, volunteers, and active voters). We need your help to grow YCV’s volunteer base, extend its geographic reach and build its organizational infrastructure in 2019 to support deployment of volunteers to register, educate, and mobilize NC citizens, especially citizens who are low-wealth, people of color and people 18-24 to prepare them to vote in 2020 and become lifelong voters. 

It takes MULTIPLE contacts with voters and an army of well trained and mobilized volunteers and community leaders to make sure they are prepared and DO vote. We will do this by:

  • Training and mobilizing 3,000 volunteers and 300 volunteer captains across 20 counties in NC!
  • Ensuring voters are registered -- YCV will register an additional 15,000 new voters by November 2020!
  • Educating 250,000 voters about polling, newly enacted photo ID requirements and work-arounds for those without photo ID, and voting requirements.
  • Mailing every voter we registered a card reminding them to vote - a method proven to increase turn-out.
  • Calling/texting every voter we registered to make sure they go vote, and calling additional new registrants of color and young people to turn them out to vote. We'll make 40,000 phone calls!

Your tax-deductible gift will help expand voting in 2019 & 2020 by:

  • $5000: supports one of our county organizers to recruit, train and mobilize hundreds of volunteers!
  • $3000: supports one month rent, utilities (plus office start up supply funds) for THREE satellite YCV offices! 
  • $2500: supports our Latino outreach to ensure all contact is conducted in Spanish when needed.
  • $1000: supports postage for 4500 election mailers to be sent to recent registrants. (GOAL: 40,000 minimum pieces!)
  • $500: supports printing 4500 copies of a non-partisan election mailer (GOAL: 40,000 copies)
  • $250: supports volunteer phone banks to turn out voters (GOAL: 100 phone banks in fall 2020!)
  • $100: supports printing early voting handouts for a county with polling sites and hours (GOAL: 75,000 handouts)

Many races will be decided by very few votes - each volunteer conversation with a voter and each voter contact method is critical for turn-out!

You can also mail your check, with "You Can Vote" in the memo, to:

The People's Alliance Fund

1011 Minerva Ave

Durham, NC

Who's donating: from Seattle, WA donated. Thank you!

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