Campus Voting Guide

Live on campus? Use the registration address the County Board of Elections recognizes for student housing. Include a mailing address if you do not get mail at your residential address! The mailing address can be anywhere you can get mail (P.O. Box, parents address in any state).

Don’t see your campus listed? Send us an email and we’ll make a cheat sheet for your county!

What should I bring with me when I vote?

No photo ID needed vote in 2019! If you use same-day registration at Early Voting, bring an ID or proof of residency document (a photo ID, online bill or bank statement, or government check that has your name and registration address).

In 2020 bring your photo ID with you to vote. YOU CAN VOTE as long as you are registered, even if you do not have an approved photo ID! See our 2020 Fridge Card for approved ID’s and our Voter ID page for the status of Photo ID.

Join a Campus Voting Team

You Can Vote offers training, tools, and leadership development opportunities for YOU to become a campus voting leader.

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