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Photo ID Law  Preparing for 2020: Important NC Voter ID Facts  What we still don't know:  The NC General Assembly is currently making the rules for how the photo ID law will work, including: How closely does a voer's name on their ID need to match the name on the voter roll? How will poll workers judge whether a photo ID "reasonable resemblers" a voter? How will the state assure that voters who need a free ID are able to get one? What is the NC Board of Election's plan for educating voters?  You can vote with or without photo ID. It is critical to use messaging that will increase turnout and not discourage participation: Try saying "If you have an ID, bring it in 2020!" or "No ID? YOU CAN VOTE! Just ask for the waiver!" If you forget your photo ID, ask for a provisional ballot and then bring your ID to the local board of elections before the canvass. If you don't have an approved ID, ask for the waiver and vote with a provisional ballot. You can choose from options including natural disaster, religious objection, your requested ID has not arrived, and others.  ID's that will work for sure include NC Driver's License, NC non-operators ID card, US Passport, Enrollment card with a photo from a US or NC recognized tribe, ID from county board of elections, US military or veterans card (accepted with or without an expiration date). The address on the ID does not matter! IDs can be expired for up to 1 year and still work, and if the ID was valid when you turned 65, it is valid for life!
A flyer about Voter ID updated on March 18, 2019  FREE ID:  Voters can get a free ID from their county board of elections (see or the DMV). ID's are available before and during the early voting period. You must be registered to vote, but you can register and get an ID at the same time. You must know your last 4 digits of your social security number and birth date.  OUT OF STATE LICENSE:  Have a driver's license from another state? ID can ONLY be used if the voter has been registered to vote in NC for 90 days or less.  STUDENT IDS:  NC Student ID from private or public colleges or community colleges must meet strict guideliens set by the Board of Elections to be accepted.  NC STATE OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE ID:  Must meet strict guidelines set by the Board of Elections to be accepted.  Still have questions? Other resources include , , the NC Board of Elections ( or 919-814-0700), and the Voter Hotline (888-OUR-VOTE)  Keep up to date on the latest ID facts by signing up for our email news at  Get trained on how to talk about ID at or using our handouts and training resources.

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