Volunteer with Us

We believe that democracy works best when everyone participates! 

We need your help expanding the vote in NC! We train and mobilize volunteers to effectively share information about upcoming elections, help voters to register and understand their rights, and remind voters when and where to cast their ballot.

I became more comfortable speaking to strangers and guiding and supporting volunteers. I was changed by this work.
— One of our volunteers

Volunteers are always paired up in teams and supported by our experienced captains! Here’s more of what our volunteers are saying about their YCV experiences.

A poster titled "Creating community leaders". It is covered with quotes from volunteers and pictures of small groups of people, always wearing the bright orange You Can Vote shirts with its blue and white logo, holding up registration clipboards and talking to citizens. The quotes include:  "You Can Vote training, teamwork, and camaraderie is outstanding! I enjoy working with others who are passionate like I am about helping people vote."  "I was changed by this work."  "The training gave me the confidence to engage voters to help them check their registration, find their polling place and vote."  "You Can Vote allowed me to achieve my goal of impacting voter registration, education, and turnout."  Under a header reading "What's your favorite voter interaction?" are the following responses:  "I helped a new citizen who was excited to exercise her right to vote!"  "I loved working with young people! Students said thank you and were so excited about voting for the first time."  "I registered a gentleman who finished probation 15 years ago and blieved that he could never vote. The astonishment on his face was rewarding."  "I called a man who had moved and thought he could not vote. Because of early voting I helped him plan to get to the polls to update his registration and vote!"  Under a header reading "Organizing, communications & local elections experts" are the following quotes:  "YCV has an excellent mission, the best voter education materials, overall communications and outreach."  "This is by far the best and easiest canvass work I have ever done."  "My team captain was very supportive and the materials were so helpful. This is the most informed I've ever been for an election."  A final section reads "Help expand voting in NC! Sign up at youcanvote.org/volunteer or Donate at youcanvote.org/donate"